Lib Dems back calls for Magnitsky-style sanctions against Hong Kong human rights abusers

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A press release from the Liberal Democrats brings the news…

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hong Kong has published the findings of its inquiry into violations of human rights and humanitarian principles by the Hong Kong Police Force, including a series of recommendations.

Following the publication of the report Alistair Carmichael, Chair of the APPG for Hong Kong and Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said:

The APPG’s first inquiry into the situation in Hong Kong has vital findings that the Government must sit up and listen to.

Among other things, implementing Magnitsky-style sanctions against those who have committed human rights violations in the territory must be an absolute priority.

The Government have kicked the can down the road long enough on this. If they are serious about promoting human rights abroad and about our legal duty to the people of Hong Kong then it is time to act.

Carrie Lam and the Commissioner of Police must be two of the first individuals up for consideration under these sanctions. With the situation in the region still deteriorating there’s no time to lose and no excuse for delay.

The APPG on Hong Kong recommends:

  • The UK to lead the efforts to establish an independent mechanism to investigate the situation in Hong Kong, for example:
    • At the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (or the UN General Assembly) to establish an investigative mechanism to consider the situation.
    • Work with the International Bar Association to establish a comprehensive and independent inquiry.
  • The UK to engage in a dialogue with the city’s authorities to assist the UN inquiries on the issue.
  • The UK should urgently impose Magnitsky-style sanctions on those responsible for permitting the excessive police violence at high level in the administration, including but not limited to Chief Executive Carrie Lam and the Commissioner of Police.
  • The UK should ensure that its bold and encouraging British National (Overseas) citizenship immigration policies, designed to protect Hongkongers and adhere to the UK’s responsibilities under the Joint Declaration, are not applicable to those who have encouraged/endorsed the National Security Law, or who have encouraged, supported or condoned police violence.
  • The UK to provide capacity-building assistance to the Hong Kong authorities to:
    • Ensure that the independent mechanism for lodging complaints is comprehensive and able to conduct its work independently and effectively.
    • Strengthen the human rights training to all police officers responding to protests.
  • The UK to work with Hong Kong authorities to strengthen the human rights protections in the city, as stipulated in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.
  • The UK to explore whether the targeted humanitarian aid workers fall within the purview of the Refugee Convention and consider how they could be best assisted.


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