The government’s shockingly limited legal advice

If you’re going to get into major legal controversies – such as tabling a bill that sets out to break international law – you make sure you have the best legal advice, yes?

Not if you are Boris Johnson and this Conservative government. Instead, you set aside the usual routes for expert advice on the topic at hand and turn to Brexiters and someone who is only, “a one year qualified barrister”:

“This” above was a deliberate choice. Previous Conservative governments have taken the rule of law far more seriously than this one. Heck, even Boris Johnson used to sing the praises of the rule of law. No longer.

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One response to “The government’s shockingly limited legal advice”

  1. and as experienced at my local(Tory) council, it would appear that you select the counsel advice that confirms the line you had already decided upon..

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