First Lib Dem PPC selected: Bobby Dean in Carshalton and Wallington

Bobby Dean campaigning in Sutton

The Evening Standard reports on the first selection in this Parliament of a Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC). It’s for Tom Brake’s former constituency of Carshalton and Wallington:

Tory MPs are “looking over their shoulders” at the Lib Dems, leader Sir Ed Davey claimed on Wednesday as he unveiled his first General Election candidate.

The Lib Dems are launching a bid to recapture seats they recently lost in south west London. Bobby Dean, who owns a communications business, has been unveiled as their candidate in the marginal Carshalton and Wallington constituency.

The seat was held by former Coalition minister Tom Brake from 1997 until the 2019 election when Conservative Elliot Colburn won by a majority of 629 votes.

Good luck Bobby!

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3 responses to “First Lib Dem PPC selected: Bobby Dean in Carshalton and Wallington”

  1. I wonder how many Cons are looking over their shoulders at LDs. Even on the 2019 Chesham and Amersham result the number of deserting Labour votes equals the increase in the LD vote or near enough. Did the deserting Cons just sit out the by-election?
    In 2019 the fall in the Labour vote could account for practically all the swing to LD. I could find only 5 seats where the swing had to represent a bite into the Con vote of over 2% : Bath Maidenhead Richmond Park Surrey SW and Twickenham

  2. we should be targeting every seat we have ever held, and asking every other ‘opposition’ party to run only a paper candidate there.. but that means we must be prepared to do the same in return. Some diplomatic negotiations needed if we are ever to overthrow the Tory nasty machine

  3. LDs in second place shd keep hammering Labour until they all lose their deposits, saying there is a better alternative to the Tories. If you peddle ‘co-operation’ you turn off the soft (at present) Tory vote, and the Tories wd properly be entitled to (and would) scream blue murder at the thought of a Labour-led coalition or minority government. And wd the LD grassroots be impressed ? There are places where to gain seats e.g. Sheffield Hallam or raise the LD profile, sweet talking the soft Con vote might work

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