This week’s council by-election results

Nine principal authority council by-elections this week, but disappointingly only six Liberal Democrat candidates – and that’s one down on the last time these wards were fought. (See here for why this matters.)

Congratulations to Rosie Hughes and the Lib Dem team on moving up from fourth to second.

Commiserations to Graham Reed for missing out in this two-member ward which elected one Lib Dem and one Conservative last time around.

Thank you to Gilbert Yates for being the Lib Dem candidate.

No Lib Dem candidate, which is the same story as the two previous times the ward was up for election since being created.

No Lib Dem candidate here because the local party decided they would rather people voted Labour or Green in order to ensure the Conservatives didn’t win – even though the Conservatives finished third in the ward last time, behind both Labour and the Greens.

No Lib Dem as with the last two times this ward was up, making the last Lib Dem on the ballot paper a decade ago.

Jenny Turner stood for the Lib Dems – thank you.

Thanks to Steve Fitzsimmons for being the Lib Dem candidate.

Wiebke Rueterjans was the Lib Dem candidate – thank you.

These by-election results round-ups cover principal authority by-elections. See my post The danger in celebrating parish and town council wins for your own party for the reasons to avoid straying too often into covering town, parish or community council by-elections. But this week, this other by-election did come to notice:

Central Sandhurst Town Council by-election

Conservative 275
Lib Dem 272 (Mike Forster)
Labour 92

Majority 3 (!)

Turnout 16.9%

A big increase in the Lib Dem vote share but not quite enough this time. Commiserations and congratulations, Mike and the team.

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2 responses to “This week’s council by-election results”

  1. Dear Mark
    Thanks for these weekly updates of local election results which give me a flavour of how we are doing across the country.
    You might be interested in a bit of background regarding the result for the Cropton Ward (Ryedale DC), the ward I live in. This was won by the Liberal Party candidate who was the son of the previous councillor who died earlier this year. The critical issue was that if the Tory Councillor had won then the Council would have reverted to a Tory majority. The local Lib Dems decided not to oppose the Liberals in this by-election, primarily in the hope of keeping the Tory out. The result means that the Lib Dems retain a couple of key chairmanships in the critical run up to the creation of a North Yorkshire Unitary Authority much favoured by the Conservatives. As always such decisions are difficult and very much based on local working relationships.

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