Boris Johnson must resign

A Liberal Democrat press release says:

This morning Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey has called on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign

He said: 

Boris Johnson has broken the law and lied to Parliament and the country, and he must now go.

Millions of people obeyed the lockdown rules, often at huge personal cost. They missed funerals, cancelled weddings and said goodbye to dying loved ones on video calls – some on the very day that Number Ten illegally hosted a garden party.

Boris Johnson has become a threat to health of our nation, and for the sake of the country still gripped by this awful pandemic he must resign.

For one heart-breaking example of what people who followed the rules went through, there’s this from my colleague, Scottish convenor Jenni Lang:

I wonder which political excuse Boris Johnson will try using next?

UPDATE: Lib Dems accuse the Met of “shady establishment stitch-up”.

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One response to “Boris Johnson must resign”

  1. I can see why Ed Davey would want to call for Mr Johnson’s resignation given the PM’s outrageous behaviour during Covid-19 lockdown, flat redecorating, and who knows what else. But personally I think we should not do that. Mr Johnson remains perhaps the best recruiting sergeant we currently have, and if he continues on his present path he may help us win in 2024. But also if he is replaced within the Tory Party, it is not clear by whom, and for all we know his successor could help heal the internal divisions and pull the party back to being able to mount a good general election campaign. I admit that the present apparent field of potential successors is very weak, but there may be someone out there sitting below the radar. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t!

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