Ed Davey on hung Parliaments and replacing this “indecent government”

Catching up on this from earlier in the week:

In an exclusive interview with PoliticsHome’s podcast The Rundown this week, Sir Ed Davey said he wanted to win enough seats at an election to help build a Parliament where “different parties put their ideas together” and replace what he called this “indecent government”.

While he said there had been no formal discussions with Labour about an election pact or a coalition, he said it was simply “rational behaviour” for both parties to put their resources where they have the best chance of winning…

Davey told PoliticsHome his party does intend to “take on Labour in areas where we can think we can beat them” … But, he added: “If you’re an individual you go where you think you can be more successful, it’s just rational”..

Ahead of a potential general election in 2024, Davey said the “key thing for me” is to make sure his party has enough MPs to influence who is in Number 10… “So we can move away from this, frankly indecent government, that’s got no moral authority, that’s got no plan for our country,” Davey said.

“And replace it with a parliament where maybe different parties put their ideas together and we work for the national interest, rather than from an interest which seems to be how do we keep Boris Johnson in Number 10, which I think is proving increasingly obviously against the national interest.” [PoliticsHome]

You can listen to the podcast interview with Ed Davey in full here, including also his response to the Sue Gray report:

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2 responses to “Ed Davey on hung Parliaments and replacing this “indecent government””

  1. I was interested by the reference to “a potential general election in 2024”. I would hope that the party is preparing for a possible general election if Boris Johnson is replaced as Conservative party leader and Prime Minister. That could mean an election in the next few months.

  2. Yes,Johnson goes we are in an early election.With the country in the mess it is we need arallying call .Do not let Ellwood give the Tories a lifeline to save his party.We should be campaigning for the same thing he wants

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