Second Wakefield by-election poll puts Labour well ahead

After the JL Partners poll putting Labour ahead of the Conservatives by 48%-28% in the Wakefield by-election, we now a poll from Survation:

A notably higher combined share for Labour and the Conservatives in this poll than in the JL Partners one. But the basic picture – Labour well ahead – is the same.

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4 responses to “Second Wakefield by-election poll puts Labour well ahead”

  1. Conservative in comparison to Labour is a better option unfortunately the electorate are unable to see it all we getting is the same old same old. Both conlab will just drag this country down. Its time for the electorate to have the courage to vote for other parties contesting this election.

    • The electorate needs Proportional Representation in order to give minority parties a fair representation. First Past the Post is designed to maintain a two party Labour / Tory Gov.

    • Ha, ha, ha.
      After 12 years of failure we are poorer and have our freedoms reduced to cover the tories’ ineptitude and criminality.

  2. Whatever anybody says including Mark who is superb as an opinion poll analyst, the only real and actual alternative to the Conservatives is Labour. Instead of comparing personalities voters need to look at policies and in particular what Labour has to offer compared to the record of 12 years of Conservative Govt. I like most of my colleagues in Labour are having a good laugh at a struggling PM because the pigeons have at last come home to roost. The truth is that the 2019 election was fought over Brexit and many working class traditional Labour voters turned to the Tories in places like Wakefield despite their record and what had happened in the 80s to the Miners.

    As for Mike, I am completely baffled, perhaps he could possibly explain to me why a party in govt who effectively represent about 10% of the population only really give a damn about the other 90% to the extent that they can con them in to voting for them. I can only assume Mike is incredibly wealthy (like Rishi) or more likely falls within the 90% like the rest of us. The whole time this govt has been in office has been an incompetent disaster led by a pompous old Etonian who apparently is not only out of touch but cares only about himself. However, the truth is that removing Boris would not take away the underlying problems of British society which will only get worse while the Tories are in office. I would say to Mike, wake up and look around what is happening. Can you imagine the furore if this was all happening under Labour? Can I also remind, in case he has forgotten that Labour has not been in power since 2010.

    Labour’s failure in the 2019 election was to fight it as if it was an ordinary election on the usual issues. The truth is as has since been proved obviously to anybody with even half a brain is that Boris and the Tories have not or were even ever likely to “get Brexit done”.

    It is not a question of whether Labour wins in Wakefield but the size of the majority, Labour needs an overwhelming and crushing defeat of the Tories. Of course, Labour needs Boris to stay in office so that they can look to a possible victory in an election where Brexit won’t be an issue. In fact, far more people want to go back into the EEC than stay out which shows just why referendums are a poor way of deciding how an issue of policy should be decided.

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