New plan for cross-party cooperation to secure PR

The Guardian has news of a welcome evolution in tactics from people seeking cross-party cooperation to defeat the Conservatives and secure electoral reform:

A grassroots campaign is hoping to raise £1m to bring more supporters of electoral reform to the Commons at the next general election.

The group, called Win as One, will work with candidates from progressive parties who are well-placed to beat the Tories and are in support of proportional representation (PR)…

Candidates would be asked to sign up to a pledge supporting electoral reform. The campaign would then aim to help support a caucus of pro-PR MPs in the House of Commons who could work together to press for change.

That’s a welcome evolution as it’s a step away from the idea of getting parties to stand down for each other, something which even polling form supporters of the idea showed is a tactic that is unlikely to succeed. And it’s also a welcome alternative to the improbable hopes that creating new parties will be the secret to defeating the Conservatives.

What’s been strikingly effective in this Parliament already – with three Liberal Democrat by-election gains from the Conservatives, one for Labour (Wakefield) and one Labour hold against a strong Conservative challenge (Batley and Spen) – has been tactical voting and astute prioritisation of campaign efforts, all steering well clear of backroom deals over allocating seats and pulling out candidates.

This winning approach – with its proven success during this Parliament – is the one to build on.

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One response to “New plan for cross-party cooperation to secure PR”

  1. forward to the next General Election and possible hustings.. can we prepare targeted questions for supporters of electoral reform. Simply asking candidates ‘do you support Electoral Reform’ will be met by the usual derisory comments about ‘the one with the most votes obviously being the winner’ and the point of the questioner being lost. If the party can hone some questions for the hustings that will anticipate the trite answers that the Tory candidates will be prepared with..?

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