An important detail in the Parliamentary by-election results

The full results from the Uxbridge and South Ruislip Parliamentary by-election bring a warning about campaigning on Europe:

Richard Hewison, Rejoin EU – 105 votes (0.3%)

Nor was that poor showing an aberration as it’s been the consistent story through other by-elections too:

Chesham & Amersham – 101 votes (0.3%)
Batley & Spen – 75 votes (0.2%)
Old Bexley & Sidcup – 151 votes (0.7%)
North Shropshire – 58 votes (0.2%)
City of Chester – 277 votes (1%)
Stretford and Urmston – 237 votes (1.3%)

There’s a consistent pattern of very poor results there which is a reminder of how reaping electoral success from the public’s increasing disillusionment with Brexit isn’t a simple matter of looking at the polls and saying, ‘let’s start campaigning to rejoin the EU now!’

A much better approach, of course, is the four-step Lib Dem plan.

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3 responses to “An important detail in the Parliamentary by-election results”

  1. agreed. But it is also a further reason, if ever one were needed, for electoral reform.
    The electorate are now well versed in voting for the candidate most likely to beat the one they dislike most.. so whilst that pertains the parties less publicised in the media will continue to be marginalised.
    With PR, the voter will be able to vote for their true preference, regardless of the pressures of the media. knowing that in the count their vote will be transferred according to their stated preferences..
    The topic of ‘Europe’ always was well down the list of priorities for the voter, as it is a big subject they (still) know little about. What a simple con by the Brexit lobby to pitch EU against NHS in their referendum campaign, inevitable that NHS would win.

  2. We don’t know if a serious candidate such as a Lib Dem would suffer if openly campaign on being prepared to rejoin. I don’t think the votes for or against fringe candidates tell us much at all.

  3. I’m in agreement with Mike. The Rejoin EU party has (or at least appears to have) just the one policy – rejoin EU. People are less likely to vote for a single issue when there are so many more that also need addressing. If the opinion polls are to be believed then there is indeed popular support for re-joining the EU. Far better though that it is one pledge of many in a manifesto of policies and objectives that are tangible, that people can relate to and where the benefit is more immediate. If we deliver on that then they will be more confident that we can be trusted on the matter of re-joining

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