Sarah Dyke to stand for Glastonbury and Somerton

Parliamentary by-election winner Sarah Dyke sees he seat of Somerton and Frome undergo major boundary changes for the next election. She’s now decided which new seat to stand for:

The MP has now announced she will be contesting the new Glastonbury and Somerton seat, setting up a rematch with Conservative candidate Faye Purbrick.

The new Glastonbury and Somerton seat essentially comprises the western half of Ms Dyke’s current constituency…

Ms Dyke said: “These boundary changes have been forced upon us – this is not a decision I would like to have made so close to having won the by-election. Somerton and Frome is changing quite dramatically.

“Obviously lot of thought went into this. I know Frome very well – my partner lives there, I’ve grown up in the area, and Frome has always been a place that I know and love. However, I live in the new Glastonbury and Somerton constituency, and I can trace my family back here for 250 years.” [Somerset Live]

You can follow Sarah Dyke on X/Twitter.


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2 responses to “Sarah Dyke to stand for Glastonbury and Somerton”

  1. Good morning Mark.
    Do you know please whether the Government has done anything to activate the boundary changes? As I understand it, an Order in Council should have been prepared by now.

    • I hadn’t see such an order published yet, though as the deadline runs to late October, it may appear in the next few days (or may have appeared and I’m a little behind on the news!).

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