Lib Dem councillor stands up for punctuation

The Guardian brings news of a Liberal Democrat councillor in Winchester:

The controversy in Twyford began last year when a new road sign for St Mary’s Terrace appeared minus the apostrophe. The former teacher Oliver Gray expressed his discontent.

Consternation grew and the Lib Dem councillor Tony Bronk, who represents the village, formally put the question to Winchester city council…

“Residents of St Mary’s Terrace in Twyford were surprised and disappointed to find that when their street name plate was replaced last year it was missing an apostrophe,” Bronk wrote…

The [Liberal Democrat] council leader, Martin Tod, replied that while the administration’s priorities lay elsewhere, it was an issue that could lead to high emotions…

Tod said the national guidance was that new street names should not have punctuation, but he said this did not mean scrapping all punctuation in existing street names and places…

He agreed that the St Mary’s Terrace sign was “confusing” and “not in line with residents’ wishes” – and the apostrophe should be restored.

The Parliamentary Boundary Commission for England, by the way, is anti-comma though I don’t think they have yet extended that disdain for punctuation to apostrophes.

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3 responses to “Lib Dem councillor stands up for punctuation”

  1. Great to know Lib Dem Councillors in Winchester know what their important priorities are, that they are on the side of civilised progress and reform and sympathetic to their electors’ needs. But wouldn’t it be a bit cheaper, quicker and heroic if said Councillors sneaked out one night with a thin brush, a small tin of mat black and a step ladder ?

    They could have a photo in their next focus – and get even more good publicity through a court case by being charged with interfering with a road sign. Power to the People ‘n all that.

  2. But that court would probably be a Magistrates Court rather than a Magistrate’s Court thanks to the MoJ money saving exercises.

  3. increasingly, with the effect of successive cuts, local communities are finding that if they want something doing they are going to have to do it themselves. If that also brings the devolution of powers to the Parish or Community council then that can only be a good thing, as it restores democracy to the people.
    The priority for the Liberal Democrats must be to ensure that, throughout the country, every area, urban and rural, is covered by a parish council or community council, and that their remit, already enshrined in law, is respected and recognised.
    The only matters that should be handed up to the County or District(let alone central Govt) should be those matters that need a wider view.

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