Tobacco and Vapes Bill: how Lib Dem MPs voted

The Tobacco and Vapes Bill had its second reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

It was a free vote for the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party and five voted in favour of the bill proceeding to the committee stage:

The other ten Liberal Democrat MPs had no vote recorded.

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7 responses to “Tobacco and Vapes Bill: how Lib Dem MPs voted”

  1. Is it just me or do others think it odd to want to decriminalise Marijuana but criminalise Tobacco?

  2. Well, before I could make an “informed” opinion, I would like to know :-
    1. How many people died last year from smoking tobacco.
    2. How many people died last year from smoking marijuana.

    Really worry about people who jump in and make assertions BEFORE basing their opinion on FACTS.

  3. Following on from my earlier response :

    (2019 figures)

    31 people died from marijuana/canabis.
    74,800 died from smoking tobacco

    So which do you think is the priority here ?

  4. Daisy Cooper seemed to be under the impression that some of her colleagues would vote against, I’m rather surprised none did.

  5. From the Parliamentary votes and the first two comments above, I fear that we are completely split on this issue. I hope it is now out of the way.

  6. Maybe Sunak’s greatest weakness is his sheer naivety. He thinks that all you need to do to stop something is to pass a law against it. The Smoking Ban threatens a spiralling criminal crisis as today’s 15-year-olds reach their twenties.

    There needs to be a recognition that human beings, like other animals, have the right to live dangerously, from climbing mountains to crossing roads. If they want to do such things, including smoking, they should cover the cost to society through tax and insurance, but not extortion by dealers. Sunak’s Smoking Bill will have to be undone sooner or later. It could be sooner – he may have to call an early election to head off the return of Liz Truss.

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