William Hague comes out in favour of Proportional Representation…

Foreign Secretary William Hague’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office has published a draft written constitution including the use of Proportional Representation in public elections.

Oh, it’s a draft written constitution for the Turks and Caicos Islands. But I do look forward to William Hague’s next speech about electoral reform; perhaps he’ll be arguing that first past the post is so wonderful that we shouldn’t let foreigners have it?

5 responses to “William Hague comes out in favour of Proportional Representation…”

  1. From the description (6 MPs with constituency link + 9 MPs elected proportionally) the system could refer to either AMS or AV+… Any idea what specifically is being recommended by the Foreign Office?

  2. Oh, that isn’t a problem. I’ve already heard a Tory MP list the countries (other than Australia) which have adopted AV in an incredibly sarcastic and derisory manner, only just stopping short of saying ‘that sort of nonsense might be alright for Johnny Foreigner on Bongobongo Island, but we Brits don’t put up with that sort of thing!’ Prepare for more mild xeneophobia from the no campaign…

  3. in fairness one of the objections to PR in Britain is the need to have very large multi-member constituencies as a result of the population size (~350,000).

    this is hardly a problem in Turks and Caicos.

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