David Cameron says trust Winston Churchill – but only when it suits

Earlier this week, David Cameron made a speech against the alternative vote in which he invoked Winston Churchill’s views on electoral systems – and saying, “If in doubt, trust Winston”.

Now it’s true Winston Churchill didn’t like the alternative vote. But can you guess what electoral system this quote from Churchill was about?

The present system has clearly broken down. The results produced are not fair to any party, nor to any section of the community. In many cases they do not secure majority representation, nor do they secure an intelligent representation of minorities. All they secure is fluke representation, freak representation, capricious representation.

Yup, that would be David Cameron’s favourite system of first past the post. Not so much a case of trust Winston as ignore Winston, I think Mr Cameron?

(And as for his reference to Usain Bolt, that hardly stands up either…)

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