Nick Clegg supports the “Free Our bills” campaign

Free Our Bills is campaigning to get information about legislation passing through Parliament available in a sensible electronic format, so that it can more easily be made use of and publicised on the internet.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has now given the campaign his full support:

Parliament belongs to the people. It’s time to open it up so people can find out what’s going on. mySociety has done a brilliant job in recent years in doing that – and it’s time to take this project to the next level and get information about the laws Parliament passes into the public domain.

It takes a new MP months to figure out how the tortuous bills procedures work – so how we expect the voters to know what’s going on, I have no idea. The changes MySociety are calling for are vital so that every MP is fully accountable for the decisions they take on behalf of their constituents.

I fully support the Free our Bills campaign, and will do all I can in Parliament to win this battle.

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