Money, money, money: politicians in trouble

A variety of political financial stories this week, including:

  1. The Speaker and Parliamentary authorities lose their fight to try to keep details of MPs’ expenses secret.
  2. Nick Clegg publishes details of his Parliamentary expenses and announces that all the Liberal Democrat frontbenchers will follow suit from July.
  3. More bad financial news for the Labour Party with further tales of it being on the verge of bankruptcy (though I find it hard to believe the unions would actually let the party go under; it’s more a matter of how these financial problems could give them more power within the party in future in return for them continuing to bail out the party).
  4. Over at The Times, Anatole Kaletsky compares Gordon Brown’s record with that of Enron. Ouch.
  5. Waltham Forest Conservative Councillor Graham Sinclair (who is himself a magistrate) has been charged with benefit fraud. The trial is set for September.

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