Conservative Councillor convicted of harassment

Chester City Conservative Councillor Max Drury was found guilty of harassing his former business partner, left the Conservative Party and is now also facing a council investigation:

Deputy Labour group leader Bob Rudd has made an official complaint about Cllr Max Drury to head of legal services Charles Kerry, alleging the former Tory has brought the office of councillor into disrepute.

Cllr Drury was found guilty of harassing his former business partner, James Meadows…

The court heard that on one occasion Cllr Drury, who has since resigned from the Conservative Party, turned up at the victim’s house and threatened: “My brothers from Wrexham are going to come down and kill you.”

Mr Meadows said he would call the police, to which he heard Cllr Drury respond: “I’m a councillor. They can’t touch me.”

A harassment order was served on Cllr Drury by police officers but he refused to read or to sign it. PC Mark Hughes said: “He said that as a councillor he should be treated differently to everybody else and that he was above suspicion.” [Chester Chronicle]

Despite all this, Max Drury has continued to be supported by the chair of the local Conservative Association, Brian Crowe, who after Drury’s conviction still described him as “the best I know” as a ward councillor and opposed calls for him to resign as a councillor.

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