New party magazine to replace Liberal Democrat News

There are many people in party HQ who have to try to work miracles with sparse resources, especially the party’s newspaper team producing Liberal Democrat News and its predecessors on a shoestring for decades.

All the more impressive if you have ever looked at the range of raw materials sent them; the press releases and photos available to choose from have not always been of the best quality, shall we say.

Picking through the party’s financial accounts each year, it’s no secret that the various incarnations of the Lib Dem News team have also struggled to make the books balance on its activities, especially as the postage costs for a weekly publication sent out first class have gone up.

Hence the decision to switch to a magazine format, and the new job advertised yesterday whose responsibilities include:

An ability to develop and edit a new magazine for members of the Liberal Democrats.

With the online world increasingly covering quickly-moving news and postage costs making weekly a tough frequency to cover, a less frequently, more reflective and analytical magazine seems a good move to me.

In the meantime, many thanks to everyone who has produced the years of newspapers I’ve read. It’s been appreciated.

UPDATE: And it too is now no more, at least in printed form.

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