How Labour is taking to mobile

From LabourList comes news of how the left is starting to use text-messaging effectively. Hardly the newest of digital channels, it is however – like email – one of the old stagers that, out of the trend-setting headlines, is – if you remember to follow the law – also one of the most effective at getting things done.

Here is how the left is tapping that ability:

Ed Miliband’s campaign were the first to realise the potential power that mobile could play in member mobilisation. Partnering with specialists Mass1 was a pivotal decision, as they conducted the largest voter ID operation in Labour’s history adding over 4,300 volunteers to his campaign, with over 89% of those following though and taking “actions” on the campaign, such as signing up to a phone bank or making a donation. And you can’t do much in politics without volunteers or money.

Miliband’s campaign aren’t the only ones to put mobile digital at the centre of their campaign strategy. Unite are just one of many organisations that have been using Mass1 to engage their members. I’m told they provide Unite with a clear, up to date picture of their membership and the issues that matter to them and (of course) drive actions too.

Although those working on lefty online campaigns already know of them Mass1 have gone about their business relatively quietly, whilst playing a key role in a number of progressive campaigns across the country that you’ll already be familiar with – including as the Ken Livingstone Mayoral campaign and the #N30 strike action. Founded only 4 years go by Mark Epstein and Tom Gutteridge they have emerged as one of the UK’s leading campaign and communication agencies, building on their leading mobile knowledge by adding additional abilities to their business – expanding into websites, research, polling, strategy, street teams and phone banking, and all of it geared at pushing progressive ideas and causes.

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