Snooper’s Charter: You got it right once Nick. Please get it right again

Dear Nick,

You got it right last time, vetoing the Home Office’s attempt to get the Communications Data Bill into the last Queen’s Speech and instead securing extensive Parliamentary scrutiny of the plans.

Please, get it right this time too and veto it once more, as the press are suggesting you might.

The likes of Julian Huppert haves spent plenty of time pointing out the flaws in the proposals from a policy point of view. There is also the issue that Theresa May‘s arguments in favour are just as applicable to keeping track of everywhere we walk, and we know what a massive overreach of state power that would be. Which gives a darn good clue to what’s wrong with them.

So I’ll just add a simple political point. Think what reaction letting the legislation go ahead would get from members, activists, MPs and even fellow members of the government.

Yours etc.

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