Death by Chocolate

The big issue in the blogosphere at the moment obviously is not Guido Fawkes vs Tim Ireland, but the matter hotly debated amongst Lib Dems of how best to melt chocolate. I think it is safe to say that only in the Liberal Democrats would a pink fluffy toy melt chocolate:

All of which seems a good excuse to mention Death by Chocolate, an excellent and very funny satire by Toby Moore about a future in which fat is treated like alcohol was during Prohibition, with high-fat food being smuggled across the Mexican border into the US and underground eating places where people gorge on illicit hamburgers. I’ve never met the author but based on the one letter he’s written me, he’s a lovely man. So buy, buy, buy.

Footnote: I wrote a letter to Toby Moore saying how much I enjoyed his book. Turned out this was the first fan letter he had had. So after buy, buy, buy and then read, read, read do also write, write, write.

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