A welcome innovation from Lib Dem Chief Executive Tim Gordon

Over on the party’s official website, Chief Executive Tim Gordon last week put up a short post just after the party’s official accounts were published by the Electoral Commission, explaining their highlights, providing some context and thanking those who contributed to the surplus.

Nothing too exceptional, save that it’s new. In the past, the party didn’t use to communicate with its members and supporters at the time of publication of the accounts, relying instead on Lib Dems to pick up an opinion about whether the accounts contained good or bad news filtered instead via a usually hostile media or possibly Lib Dem Voice. (Even that was largely left to chance without some ‘helpful’ briefing behind the scenes.)

Which all makes Tim Gordon’s post a welcome small step of progress towards the party getting a proper grip on internal communications and having an instinct to communicate far more often.

By the way, if you missed the post appearing on the party website, you can make sure you don’t miss out on any similar future ones by signing up to the email alerts.

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