Henley by-election report: what’s really going on?

Lovely day out in the sun scampering along the by-ways of Henley constituency. It’s lovely. And it’s biggggggggggggggggg.

Morale was given a boost by seeing the Conservatives out delivering their leaflet from last Saturday which they’d boasted they were going to deliver in one day. Well they didn’t. Or in two days. Or in three day. Or in four days. Or in five days. That’s what happens if you don’t have a dog delivery team to help you out on those rural routes.

I was also amused to see the UKIP Battle Bus (more of a Small Skirmish Mini-Van really) parked right on the doorstep of the Conservative HQ. I don’t know if this was a case of tanks on lawn or popping round for a friendly chat.

I just hurried on past back to the Liberal Democrat Henley HQ, for which my top tip is to time your delivery runs carefully so you are in the office around 3pm as that’s when the local ice cream turns up. Yum yum!

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  1. Are you able to talk to your fellow four footers and tell them to eat only the Tory leaflets as they come through the letter box?

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