How to use social media to build your email list

Facebook login screen - photo by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay and used under the Pixabay license

Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay.

Useful advice from Laura Packard on how to make the most of that vital campaign opportunity, email:

With all social media websites, even ones that don’t filter, the flow of new content is so steady that your information may be quickly washed away. This is why it is critical to always be using social media to capture more email addresses – then you can reach your entire intended audience, and control the flow of communication to your supporters.

Her blog post contains five pieces of handy advice on how to do this – and even if you don’t follow each exactly, the general idea behind each is widely applicable.

A sixth piece of advice I would add is one of mine own – be a tortoise, not a hare:

The fast-moving story that sweeps round the world may catch the headlines, but the reality of most internet campaigning is very different: it’s the gradual, consistent and sustained effort that reaps the reward. Unless you’re very lucky, it’s a commitment to building up email lists, web visitors and so on over time which brings results.

For more on how to run effective online campaigns, there’s a certain book of course.

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