Red faces for Labour in Pendle as campaign descends into farce

Calling for a 20mph speed limit to be introduced on a stretch of road that has actually had one for four years would be a bit of an embarrassment. Add in your candidate being a bus driver in the area and it’s a bit of a blunder. But when it then turns out that the route the buses driven by your candidate include the said road it all becomes a bit farcical.

Here is the press release from the Liberal Democrats in Pendle:

A ‘laughable’ Labour blunder has raised serious safety concerns over the operation of a local bus service in Barnoldswick.

Residents in the town’s Coates Ward were stunned when they received a leaflet from the Labour Party featuring their candidate, Colne bus driver Ian Tweedie, making a plea for a 20mph speed limit near Coates Lane School, despite one being in force for over four years!

The leaflet mentions that Mr Tweedie drives the local town bus service and includes a picture of him wearing a company tie. “The area near Coates Lane Primary School should have a 20 mph speed limit,” says Mr Tweedie in an article taking up one third of the leaflet’s front page. “At very least a 20mph limit along Kirkstall Drive,” he adds, saying that, “Lib Dem Councillors have failed numerous requests from Coates residents for such a speed limit”. And Mr Tweedie ends by saying that voting for him “will make Coates a safer place for children and the elderly.”

However, Liberal Democrat councillors have been quick to point out that such a limit has been in place on all the roads surrounding the school for over four years. “This is a laughable Labour blunder,” said Councillor David Whipp, “but it calls into question the driving skills and safety standards of Mr Tweedie as a bus driver. How can he drive that route in ignorance of the limit in force on the road?

“Mr Tweedie is exposing his complete lack of knowledge of Barnoldswick matters. He’s no chance of being elected. If he’s going to carry on with his day job I hope he begins to pay more attention. Liberal Democrat councillors achieved a 20mph limit for the area years ago. Also, we are currently campaigning to get 20mph limits in all residential areas, this is being blocked by Labour bosses at county hall!”

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