Ten of my favourite posts from 2009

As it says on the tin, here are 10 of the posts I’ve written that I’ve most enjoyed, whether for introducing new information to the blogosphere, the fun, the way the content has influenced the real world or just having a little rant:

Winterval: the Christian media has more questions to answer than local councils

What to make of Baroness Buscombe’s speech as chair of the PCC?

Dear Prime Minister, Can I please be your advisor?

The inside story of how the Lib Dem general election manifesto will be drawn up

Cabinet Office: correspondence chaos

29% of seats have not changed hands since 1945

Portsmouth Council rejoices at discovery staff only spending 11 seconds a day on Facebook

How the Tour de France encourages internet piracy

30 things any would-be politician should do this summer: the full list

Things you should know if you’re going to make a sales pitch to me

And with that, it’s time for Christmas, chocolate, Doctor Who, more chocolate and yet more chocolate.

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