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“I think there should be more Norwegians everywhere” – Richard Ayoade

Now this is quite the interview from 2014, featuring comedian Richard Ayoade and journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy:

Q. Do you feel a very strong sense of being a role-model for British Norwegians?

A. I do, and I feel that Norway as a nation look to me … There should be more Norwegians everywhere.

Ayoade’s mother is Norwegian and as he explained on Reddit in 2014:

I have been to Norway many many times – my mum lives there now. I was very lucky with my parents – couldn’t have wished for anything more. And I love going to Norway. Shall I say Norway again? Sure. Norway.

No mention of the clever Norwegian passports, alas.

It’s almost up there with the all-time genuine Australian classic political interview.


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