Here’s a selection of my posts containing humour. I hope.

Pink Dog

Where Do Comedians Go When They Die?

Milton Jones’s Where Do Comedians Go When They Die? first came out in 2009 and was then re-released courtesy of the Robson Press imprint run by Biteback. A good thing too, as it’s a very funny book which also gives a great insight into the life of a stand-up comedian. … Read the full post »


Apple vs. the F.B.I. – Capitol Steps

Do top-rate hackers put an F.B.I. career at the top of their list? Maybe not. When the F.B.I. couldn’t hack into an encrypted iPhone, it begged Apple for help. When Apple refused, it planned to ask Congress for a new law. Finally, it found hackers for hire and dropped the whole thing. … Read the full post »