Liberal Democrats launch green jobs manifesto pledge

Earlier today Nick Clegg launched another plank of the party’s green economic policies for the general election, pledging to create 57,000 jobs by investing £400 million in upgrading disused shipyards so that they can produce offshore wind turbines.

It’s a triple win: boost the economy, help parts of the country which have been hit the hardest and improve Britain’s environmental record.

The party’s news release explains some of the details about the plans which will feature in the party’s 2010 general election manifesto:

Current plans to expand wind farms in the North and Irish seas could see every one of the 6,400 turbines needed brought in from abroad, as there are currently no turbine manufacturers in the UK.

British ports are ideally located to host turbine manufacturers due to their proximity to the off-shore wind farms; however, they are currently unable to invest due to the lack of appropriate docks with suitable space.

The proposals to invest in physical infrastructure to support a greener economy also include a pledge to invest £100million in training and testing facilities, including at universities with specialist engineering research facilities such as Loughborough, Durham and Newcastle.

Nick Clegg told Left Foot Forward:

Refurbishing seven of the ports will be a shot in the arm to increasing industry and manufacturing that will benefits regions like the North East.

You can watch Nick Clegg talk about the policy in this clip:

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