Cambridgeshire UKIP county councillor in court accused of benefits fraud

Another day, another UKIP councillor in trouble:

A newly elected UKIP county councillor- and former Kings Lynn Conservative borough councillor – is to appear at Peterborough Crown Court today charged with a single count of benefits fraud…

The precise charge alleges that he dishonestly failed to promptly notify Fenland District Council that there was a change in his circumstances knowing it would affect his entitlement to benefit.

He has been remanded on unconditional bail pending the trial. [Cambridgeshire Times]

UPDATE: Oh, and then there’s also these two:

A UKIP councillor is considering his future at Norfolk County Council after it emerged he was questioned about a shoplifting incident last year. Peter Georgiou admitted he carried out the offence last May, but said: “I was in a very dark place at the time… and was on anti-depressants.” [BBC]


Newly elected UKIP councillor Caven Vines has denied links with the BNP.

Cllr Vines, who won the recent by-election in Rawmarsh, admitted to the Advertiser that he attended one BNP meeting at Catcliffe pub The Waverley “about ten years ago” and once worked alongside party organiser, Marlene Guest, but denied any political sympathies, past or present. [Rotherham Advertiser]

UPDATE 2: Peter Lagoda subsequently admitted fraud – and also has got into hot water for a series of racist comments.