Jack Straw was Labour MP for Blackburn 1979-2015 and also served as a Cabinet Minister. He was frequently controversial for his hostility to civil liberties concerns.


Cross-party cooperation: lessons from Paddy Ashdown’s tenure as Lib Dem leader

How Paddy Ashdown tried to make cross-party cooperation work during his time as Liberal Democrat leader – and the lessons for contemporary politics. … Read the full post »


Was the Iraq war illegal?

STV reports:
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg says that the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War has provided enough information to suggest that the war was illegal.
Speaking on Radio Tay on Friday morning at the same time Prime Minister Gordon Brown was facing questions at the inquiry in London, he said: “I’m not a lawyer, but … Read the full post »


Ooops, Jack Straw gets it wrong on Parliamentary Privilege

The current fuss over whether Parliamentary Privilege will prevent three Labour MPs and one Conservative peer from conviction on charges of fiddling their expenses makes this comment from Jack Straw, made as recently as December 2008, look rather complacent: The interaction between the judicial system and parliamentary privilege is well settled. Not quite.