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Liberal Democrat Newswire #53 is out: how to fix the Lib Dem strategy

Edition #53 of Liberal Democrat Newswire came out last week, looking at the problems with the current Liberal Democrat strategy and how to fix them. You can also read it below and for more on the party’s strategy, see the media appearance I did afterwards. Since #53 came out, the new slogan is creeping out more … Read the full post »


If the ‘experts’ had been right, the political world would have ended last Friday

There was a vote in Parliament about changing a piece of government legislation, and Liberal Democrat MPs – including ministers, such as Vince Cable, who first ostentatiously cleared his diary – merrily walked through different lobbies from the Conservatives. The Conservatives were defeated and… well, government continued, coalition continued and the political world trundled on. … Read the full post »