Read about the Liberal Democrat activist and member of the Liberal Democrat Voice team, Nick Thornsby.


I bet David Cameron now wishes he hadn’t said this

David Cameron on Lords reform during the general election TV debates. … Read the full post »


Polly Toynbee: in praise of the private sector in the NHS

Polly Toynbee wrote in 2009 (with my emphasis): There is no doubt that putting some services out to tender has vastly improved certain standards over the years, broken the power of vested interests and brought in competition that has sharpened up results. Just look at how hospital consultants’ waiting lists plummeted when a few Independent … Read the full post »


A footnote to my praise for Jeremy Browne

In recently praising Jeremy Browne for arguing that the Liberal Democrats must guard against being pigeonholed as only being interested in issues that do not win much public support, I added a caveat about how his broader vision of what the Liberal Democrats should be for (social mobility – yuk) showed how inconsistent senior Liberal Democrats … Read the full post »