I like Fact #2 about the Liberal Party

Fact #1 now reads a little archaically, but Fact #2 (save for the use of “man”) still resonates:

Smatterbooks No.27: 100 Facts On The Liberal Party (c.1949)
From Smatterbooks No.27: 100 Facts On The Liberal Party (c.1949).

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9 responses to “I like Fact #2 about the Liberal Party”

  1. It looks like an imitation of Mark* 2:27 “The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath” so the “man” was kind of forced.

    * (one of your earlier works?)

  2. What a shame today’s Liberal Democrats cannot articulate our philosophy as clearly as this.
    Perhaps a copy of this 1949 treatise should be given to every PPC.

  3. You might also want to refer to the dictionary definition (I am using Collins):
    1- Having social and political views that favour progress and reform
    2- Generous in temperament or behaviour
    3- Tolerant of other people
    4- Not rigid; free
    5- Designed to develop general cultural interests and intellectual ability
    6- Relating to a Liberal Party
    7- A person who has liberal ideas or opinions.

  4. 1949? Is it not time for it to be republished? Get rid of man and woman wording and replace them with the word people. It could be distributed to all members and supporters and or spread on the net for wider distribution in the UK so that people can see what we represent.

  5. I agree the 1949 booklet should be updated and re-issued.

    My personal favourite definition of us is by Timothy Gatton Ash in the Guardian in about 2017 :

    “Liberalism properly understood is the greatest measure of individual human freedom commensurate with the freedom of others.” (Quoted from memory: I may have changed the wording slightly.) It is eternal: socialism is transient.

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