I like Fact #2 about the Liberal Party

Fact #1 now reads a little archaically, but Fact #2 (save for the use of “man”) still resonates:

Smatterbooks No.27: 100 Facts On The Liberal Party (c.1949)
From Smatterbooks No.27: 100 Facts On The Liberal Party (c.1949).

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6 responses to “I like Fact #2 about the Liberal Party”

  1. It looks like an imitation of Mark* 2:27 “The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath” so the “man” was kind of forced.

    * (one of your earlier works?)

    • Ah, thanks for that reference. Hadn’t spotted that and given the age of this piece, a deliberate echo of those words seems very plausible.

  2. What a shame today’s Liberal Democrats cannot articulate our philosophy as clearly as this.
    Perhaps a copy of this 1949 treatise should be given to every PPC.

  3. You might also want to refer to the dictionary definition (I am using Collins):
    1- Having social and political views that favour progress and reform
    2- Generous in temperament or behaviour
    3- Tolerant of other people
    4- Not rigid; free
    5- Designed to develop general cultural interests and intellectual ability
    6- Relating to a Liberal Party
    7- A person who has liberal ideas or opinions.

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