Still the best political advert I’ve seen all century, courtesy of Luis Fisham

Long-time readers will be able to track how the headline I use when blogging about this gem of a political advert is steadily becoming more hyperbolic. The advertisement, however, fully justifies this.

British political advertising has never seen anything like it. Even after all the political weirdness of the last few years, this is still stand-out strange.

Or rather, the stretch from 7 seconds in until 22 seconds in is fairly normal. But then, magic happens…

Luis Fishman

The advert was run by Luis Fishman in Costa Rica in 2010. A former Vice President of the country (though he never formally took office) and an ex-Minister for Public Safety (during which time he tried to crack down on heavy metal music for encouraging Satanism, violence and drug use), he failed in his bid to become President in 2010.

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  1. A parliamentary candidate for the ruling Socialist party (Serb Nationalists) in the newly formed Yugoslavia in the 1920s owned a small, unprofitable shoe factory in Serbia that could not compete with larger and better outfits in Croatia. He arranged that only left shoes would be manufactured in his factory and sold them to the party who distributed them around the villages of central Serbia with their candidates promising that the right shoes would be handed out after the Socialists’ victory in the polls. They won, but right shoes were not made. They repeated the ruse in the subsequent elections (after which the King abolished the parliament and introduced a dictatorship) and for years afterwards peasants in parts of Serbia could be observed wearing only left shoes on festive occasions. However, the socialists would have won anyway as Serbs comprised more than half of the total population and party politics was sectarian. The main benefit was reaped by the enterprising candidate who both won his seat and kept his failing business going.

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