Five ex-Lib Dem MPs in the news today as standing in general election

Very welcome news from Vince Cable: with a snap general election, he’s standing for Parliament again in his former Twickenham constituency:

I am limbering up for my 10th General Election and am optimistic that I can win back Twickenham for the Lib Dems.

It was tempting to give up in 2015: go off to a quieter life on the red benches, spend more time in the garden. I certainly haven’t been idle: I’ve written a couple of books including a novel, filled several professorships, done some charity work.

But I feel that there are big political battles still to be fought. The country is heading in the wrong direction and the Lib Dems are the best hope of providing a coherent alternative to the present government.

Also in the media today as standing again are:

Expect more to join that list given the previous announcements about Liberal Democrat selections last year in order to be ready for a snap election.

Eight of the nine incumbent Liberal Democrat MPs are re-standing.

UPDATE: Jo Swinson and Bob Russell are also both re-standing.

4 responses to “Five ex-Lib Dem MPs in the news today as standing in general election”

  1. We must find out what Linton Crosby is up to.IE in the South West will he say vote Lib Dem and get Labour or we will go into a coalition with them, we cannot be trusted?. The party will have to counteract whatever he says IMMEDIATELY via Facebook and our leaflets for he (conservatives) will have the right wing press on his side.

  2. Our canvassers are having great responses on the doorstep here in Hornsey and Wood Green. It will be David against Goliath though. We are still small in numbers, despite the increase in membership. And the already massive local Labour have grown their membership hugely during their leadership elections. But, most of their new members are Corbyn supporters, some fanatically so, and he is not popular among the non-aligned and soft Labour voters. It may just be that at least some Labour canvassers will be helping the Lib Dem win.

  3. I am aware of John Hemming standing again in Birmingham Yardley – he’s up against Jess Phillips!

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