Polls open 7am-10pm today – and you don’t need your polling card to vote

The general election is being held today across the UK.

You have until 10pm to vote.

You do not need your polling card.

Good luck to everyone taking part in democracy today. It’s often under-appreciated, days like today are ones that – for all the many disagreements between parties and candidates – we should be proud of the tens of thousands of volunteers who will be putting in long hours from before the crack of dawn until well after dusk in the name of democracy.

A little extra good wishes to fellow Liberal Democrats of course.

Voting in person

Voting by post

  • If you have a postal ballot and not yet returned it, it is not too late to vote. However, you can’t just turn up to your polling station. So here is what to do…
  • Make sure all the paperwork is completed and put inside the (outer) sealed envelope.
  • Don’t confuse your date of birth with today’s date when filling in the paperwork – this is one of the most common reasons for postal votes to be rejected.
  • Postal ballots can be handed in at polling stations up to 10pm today. Your local council may also be willing to collect the paperwork – local practice varies. Don’t assume posting will work. Sometimes the Royal Mail collects and delivers postal ballots posted on polling day in time but there’s a big risk your postal ballot will be too late and so won’t count.

Other tips

  • If a last minute medical emergency prevents you going to vote, you have until 5pm today to apply for an emergency proxy so that someone else can vote on your behalf. Contact your local council ASAP to arrange this.
  • There is a tactile device in each polling station to help blind and partially sighted voters.

And finally…

4 responses to “Polls open 7am-10pm today – and you don’t need your polling card to vote”

  1. could not vote for my party as only labour and cons are on the voting slip that’s not right this is in Bullbrook Bracknell

  2. Kim should still go to vote, but instead of X against the poor offerings draw an additional box below for ‘none of the above’ and ‘X’ there.
    But a more positive suggestion, (whether or not they go for requiring ID generally), have a bin at every polling station for everyone to put in their Poll Card, which at the count would be put in a big drum with the rest from other polling stations in that ward, with a prize winner drawn out. Prizes to be sponsored by businesses in the constituency(the cost of which they can claim against tax/corporate charity)

  3. How difficult would it have been for Lucas, Umunna and Cable to get together and say that for this election if you wish to vote remain you should vote LibDem in this area, Green in this area and ChUK in this. No wonder the 2016 referendum was such a mess.

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