“There’s no gentle way of fighting back against Brexit” – Nick Clegg

Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has been giving an interview to The Yorkshire Post and not surprisingly Brexit (but not zombies) features heavily.

“It’s been so badly handled, it ‘s been sold on such a pack of lies and people’s expectations are running so far ahead of what is realistically possible, that you would’ve thought at some point there’s going to be a major collision which may allow us – particularly young people who didn’t vote for this at all – to say ‘hang on a minute let’s think again’.”

“I still put most of my money on there just being a bad deal,” he adds as a caution. “A rotten deal in which we end up coughing up money, still abiding by European rulings and have a rubbish trade deal in return.

“[That’s] almost entirely due to the fact that Theresa May and the Conservatives took this unilateral decision, which they didn’t need to, not only to take us out of the European Union but to throw the baby out with the bathwater and also take us out of the Single Market and Customs Union.”

As for gentility in argument, something he’s been accused of being too keen on in the past:

“The problem is there is no soft, gentle way of doing this,” he says. “We’ve been lied to. There are some very powerful vested interests in Britain… pumping out all this anti-European propaganda.

“I have no argument at all with the people who voted Brexit for perfectly understandable reasons because they were told a bunch of really good things would happen. I have nothing but contempt however for the people who should’ve know a lot better and chose instead to save their own political skins by fibbing to the British people.”

As an aside, it’s worth noting how Jeremy Corbyn has been talking up how he’s sure Brexit will happen and he doesn’t mind. Unlike Vince Cable.

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