Public opinion continues its steady move towards supporting referendum on Brexit deal

The latest YouGov polling on Britain’s future in Europe shows a continuing steady trend of growing support for a referendum on the Brexit deal once its terms are known.

The actual levels of support found vary greatly depending on the exact wording of the question, which is why the trend is even more useful than usual in understanding what is going on. The trend is one of growing support, a pattern found with other polling and on this YouGov measure there is now the smallest ever gap between should/shouldn’t have a referendum on the deal:

YouGov polling on Brexit deal referendum

Another trend to note is the small but now consistent lead for people thinking the vote to leave the European Union was the wrong decision:
YouGov polling on referendum outcome

As to where opinion may move next, the NHS seems central to that. Not only is an issue at or near the top of most people’s list of concerns, it is also an issue people think Brexit will have an effect on – and increasingly think that will be a negative effect:

YouGov polling on Brexit and NHS

Given the potentially serious negative impacts for NHS staffing of Brexit this is very much an angle to watch.  It’s a topic which could reach and persuade Leave voters rather than simply reinforce the views of Remain voters.

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3 responses to “Public opinion continues its steady move towards supporting referendum on Brexit deal”

  1. There is a long way to go before a referendum on the EU leaving terms would be likely to produce a majority for remaining. The most likely outcome would be a reaffirmation of the original vote to leave. There is too much wishful thinking among Liberal Democrats and Remainers.

  2. @nvelope2003 A self-fulfilling prophecy cuts both ways; ‘We’ll never change the outcome’ and you do nothing and the feared outcome happens; ‘We can change this’ and you redouble your efforts and get the change you are working. It’s not infallible, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

  3. […] That said, a promising trend is the slow but steady movement towards opposing Brexit in various forms: people thinking the referendum result was the wrong outcome and that there should be a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal. Findings are sensitive not only to fluctuations but also to the exact question wordings different pollsters use, which is why the trends are the thing to keep an eye on. And the trends are heading in the right direction. […]

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