One of the very best Conservative leaflets ever

Here’s something to bring a smile to your face. It’s from 2000 I believe. Yes, 2000. And it features David Lloyd George and the result of the December 1910 general election.

Cosnervative Party leaflet - Lloyd George

Even though its headline isn’t in this class and it misses the poetry of Dennis Skinner, it is still, I think it is fair to say, one of the very best Conservative leaflets ever.

3 responses to “One of the very best Conservative leaflets ever”

  1. Did they bring commonsense to Milton Regis? Did he drop out of power cos of sleaze or cos the working class got the vote at the same time as women ending in huge Labour support?Can we use the same idea in our leaflets.

  2. Spectacularly weak and silly leaflet. Apart from the fact that Lloyd George, for the whole of his premiership, was dependent on the support of Tory MPs, so if he shouldn’t have been PM, our Conservative friends are to blame, I doubt if the residents of Milton Keynes (of all places) are bothered about what happened in 1910-22 when they come to vote; and by the way, LG lost power in 1922, not 1923 and the name of the Conservative 1922 Committee ought to have reminded them of that. No doubt many residents were aware the Liberal (Democrats) hadn’t been in national power for a long time, but they would have been aware of their local government record in Milton Keynes. Next leaflet: allegations about Gladstone and prostitutes hit headlines and Charles James Fox’s affair with Mrs Armistead is examined.

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