Cllr Sarah Bligh switches from Conservatives to Lib Dems

Continuing the gain of Liberal Democrat councillors this week is the news from Fenland District Council:

Fenland councillor Sarah Bligh has announced she is leaving the Conservative party to join the Liberal Democrats after “bitter infighting” and “oppressive overtones” within the Tory group…

“In recent months, there has been bitter infighting within the Conservative group that hasn’t sat well with me. I have made no secret of the fact that I had suffered from mental health problems in the past and the infighting behaviour was starting to bring back those feelings.

“I was also concerned that those people that did support me when I started as a councillor were de-selected as a result of the political infighting and this did not resonate with me.” [Cambridgeshire Times]

5 responses to “Cllr Sarah Bligh switches from Conservatives to Lib Dems”

  1. I am truly pleased that Cllr Sarah Bligh has joined the Lib Dems and I hope that she will find us a welcoming and supportive political party.

    I aso do hope – that irrespective of ‘easy’ political wins or personal convenience that Sarah will quickly resign the seat that she won as a Conservative and fight it at a bye-election as a Liberal Democrat.

    Warmest welcome to you Sarah – and I shall be pleased personally to pay cash to the bye-election fund. But please don’t reamain in a seat that you were elected to when a member of a different politcal party. That’s Tory/Labour politics NOT Lib Dem politics.

    Kind regards,


  2. Owen, don’t push Sarah away as you are greeting her. She needs your support not admonishment. Welcome her, help her nurture support & cherish her as a Lib Dem councillor now. Nice guys don’t win so play like the Blues & the Reds & have no shame. Politics is a dirty business & will probably get dirtier in the future & we’ll need to fight dirty to push back the Blues, Reds & Greens!

  3. A belated welcome to the Lib Dems, Sarah. The East of England Region is one of the strongest and most active sections of the party and I hope you will be very happy with us. There is a certain amount of support and training available (never enough, of course!) if you need it – and I hope you will make a lot of new friends!

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