Well done ALDC: another brilliant Kickstart training weekend

Health and safety notice from ALDC Kickstart training weekend

Nothing to worry about, right?

Heading back from a fantastic Kickstart training weekend run by ALDC ahead of the local elections next year. With around 300 attendees, it was the largest ever of these training weekends, and with a great mix of old and new activists.

Kudos to the English Party for stepping up to the suggestion from myself and others that it help fund this expansion of grassroots campaign support. Regular readers will know I am not always a fan of the English Party. But on this, they definitely got it right and their contribution made a material difference.

One of the things I love about ALDC’s training is how good they are at expanding their staff capacity by bringing in large numbers of expert volunteers trainers and mentors (plus, um, me) to help run these events. It is an approach we need much more of in the party.

Best of luck to everyone who came. Am looking forward to seeing how many gain seats for the first time in the May elections next year.

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