A New Year’s resolution all Remain campaigners should make

You’re a real idiot, you know that?

I can’t believe how gullible you are.

And the sort of people you go around believe? Don’t make me laugh. Any three year old knows more than you.

Moron. That’s the only word for people like you.

Now, please listen to me. I’m going to put you right and save you from your stupidity.

But first, a question: how well have I done so far at warming you up to agree with what I’m going to say?

And that’s the point, and my suggested New Year’s resolution for Remain campaigners. To win we need to persuade more people to agree with us. Insulting them – even in the form of ‘you made a mistake, now please change your mind’ – isn’t the way to do that.

Rather the way to do that is to point out how things have changed since the vote. Such as the way that many people who voted Leave believed what Leave campaigners told them and thought weΒ wouldn’t be leaving the single market. That we’re now set to do just that makes for a good reason for someone who voted Leave now to support us remaining in the E.U. as what they voted for isn’t what they’re getting.

So a good resolution for us all to make is: insult less, explain how circumstances have changed more.


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