This is the beginning of the end of Brexit – Vince Cable

Responding to the crushing 230 vote defeat for the Theresa May’s Brexit deal in the House of Commons, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

This is the beginning of the end of Brexit. With Parliament in deadlock, it is time to go back to the public.

Labour have finally lodged a no confidence motion, after weeks of failing to do so. I have signed it and the Liberal Democrats will vote against a Conservative Government which is now in meltdown.

However, a General Election will not offer a way forward for the country so long as Jeremy Corbyn continues to procrastinate, backing Brexit while pretending not to. And while the Conservatives are more divided than ever, they are likely to unite with their friends in the DUP if only to keep themselves in office.

Jeremy Corbyn must listen to Labour members and MPs, and back a People’s Vote on the Government’s plan versus staying in the European Union.

No surprises in the choice of topic for the party’s latest film, just out. It’s on Brexit too:

If you’re debating Brexit with others, don’t forget the evidence on what best helps people to change their minds.

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  1. but we really need to tackle why the media are only giving us cursory coverage. A functioning ‘democracy’ depends on a free press, agreed, but it must report freely across the spectrum, and must report more openly about the EU.
    How ignorant of a Minister, this morning, to say that it is up to the EU to now offer us some other deal. If an MP, with all the resources available to him,(let alone a Minister) can be this ignorant and stupid what chance is there for Joe Public who relies solely on the media for his information.

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