Yet more Lib Dem recruits: two Labour town councillors join in Beverley

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Continuing the trend of elected public officials, a former MEP and activists joining the Liberal Democrats, from both Labour and the Conservatives, is the news from Beverley:

Two town councillors in Beverley have quit Labour to join the Liberal Democrats.

Father and son Peter and Tom Astell … have both confirmed they will contest the Minster & Woodmansey ward for their new party in May’s contest when every seat on the council is up for grabs.

Councillor Peter Astell, who has served two terms as Beverley’s mayor on the town council, said Labour no longer reflected his values and claimed he did not recognise the party he had been a member of for decades.

He described joining the Liberal Democrats as “a breath of fresh air”.

Welcome, Peter and Tom.

And if you’d like to join them, here’s information on how to do so.

3 responses to “Yet more Lib Dem recruits: two Labour town councillors join in Beverley”

  1. Is there a section of the party that is concerned with Council House tenants or ways that can instill their support..It is a part of the population .that needs to be .represented. Help and advice could be written on LDV sight and on twitter, face book etc..I believe they are an underrepresented part of the voters.

  2. Quite right too. Patronised and used by Labour for generations. We must step up our game in these areas.
    I grew up on a Council Estate and I remember the awful attitude of Labour candidates.

  3. We had a Labour Councillor here in Maidstone, who used to boast she never went to her Ward and timed herself on how quickly she could put the phone down on constituents who contacted her. She professed amazement when Councillors of all the other parties, including the Conservatives, expressed shock at her attitude, saying I am here to do important things not represent the “feckless and stupid”. She blamed everyone, but herself, when she duly failed to be re-elected.

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