Can you guess what is missing from Labour’s official Euro election leaflets?

Huffington Post has got hold of a copy of the election address leaflets being prepared by the Labour Party for use in the European Parliament elections. These are the leaflets that will get delivered by the Royal Mail to millions of households across the country – perhaps the single biggest distribution leaflet for the campaign.

And there’s a certain policy missing from them…

Fury As Corbyn European Elections Leaflet Suggests Labour Backs Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a fierce backlash from Labour members after a draft leaflet for the European elections said the party would press ahead with Brexit.

The leaflet, passed to HuffPost UK, makes no mention of the party’s policy to push for a second referendum on quitting the EU, was sent out to MEPs on Thursday.

One Labour insider said: “MEPs were not given these leaflets to review, they were just told: this is what the party is printing and this is what they would have to put out.”

This is of course in line with Jeremy Corbyn’s decades-long Eurosceptism, including voting with right-wing Conservative Eurosceptics in Parliament. Not to mention his more recent comments:

Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit

All the more reason to back the Liberal Democrats if you want real opposition to Brexit and to avoid splitting the Remainer vote.

4 responses to “Can you guess what is missing from Labour’s official Euro election leaflets?”

  1. Surprise, surprise. Presaged in Andrew Adonis’s mea culpa drafted by Labour officialdom. They will suffer at the elections, on both 2nd and 23rd.

  2. It just shows the paucity of leadership and integrity at the heart of the so called main parties. I just hope that enough of the electorate recognise the Liberal Democrats are the one party that has stuck to its principles throughout this awful Brexit mess . I love in hope!!

  3. This whole Brexit argument is so polarised. I fear that a lot of people will just vote for it because they think it will put the lid on the current impasse. Even Jacob Rees Mogg admitted that he hadn’t realised that Brexit would be a process, not an event. I believe the Lib Dems are thinkers and questioners, not driven purely by emotion and soundbites. The only way to end this paralysing kerfuffle, which is forcing other enormous issues under the carpet, is to return to the status quo and work from there to throw our not inconsiderable weight into helping to reform the EU for the good of all its members. If any ‘Brexit vote’ wins, it will be only the start of an interminable and debilitating set of wrangles. Whatever the result, the EU will continue to be scapegoated for any ills that may befall us.

    The Lib Dem stance is the most intelligent and civilised one, but our very liberality causes us to be polite and moderate. In the current climate it holds us back. Directly opposing Brexiteers will not win them over, but listening to their arguments, acknowledging the facts that are true and debunking the lies and fallacies would surely be a much more practical way ahead.

    The whole ‘democracy argument’ is bunkum. Most of us, if we are thinking of buying a home, take some time to consider all aspects of its value to us, including commissioning a structural survey. We don’t just blindly sign on the dotted line. But many of the Brexiteers that I have talked to – really decent people – are still not addressing the question of ‘What kind of Brexit?’ and will not address my question as to what they mean by ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Many of them are not old enough to remember, as I do, that before joining the EU we were not economically very successful, and those that are old enough seem to be looking back to the beginning rather than the middle of the 20th century. If, after a necessary minimum of public education on the full meaning of Brexit the decision is still to leave – then that would be truly democratic. Surely, the reason that Brexiteers object to a people vote is because they fear that the majority position will change. That wouldn’t be because ‘remoaners’ wanted to keep voting until they won their argument; that would be because the public finally understood the full implications of any kind of Brexit, and had been afforded the democratic right to reconsider their options before plunging into the unknown.

    Please, please, please will the Party take the opportunity to communicate the facts, in simple digestible form, to the voting public.

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