Brexit petitions: sign the key petitions against Brexit here

Public opinion is moving against Brexit and towards supporting a referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal, once we know what they actually are. But plenty of campaigning and lobbying is still required to turn that trend into a victory. One way of helping make that happen is to sign up to add your voice to the campaigns looking to win over the public.

There are lots of anti-Brexit petitions floating around, so here’s a selection of most important current ones to help you find where to add your name:

Remember, you don’t have to choose just the one to sign…!

For a reminder of why backing such campaigns is so important, see the news about an island in Scotland.



20 responses to “Brexit petitions: sign the key petitions against Brexit here”

  1. Interesting double response on the recent “Rescind Art.50 if Vote Leave has broken Electoral Laws regarding 2016 referendum” petition.

    1) The response made no mention of the electoral law issue in the title.
    2) When I challenged this, a lady in the Petitions Office said that, although the Petitions Committee is 11 independent MPs, the response for this petition was written by DExEU. So what’s the point of the committee?

    • 1) The initial response (on reaching 10,000 signatures) is always given by the relevant department. Those written by DExEU are almost word for word the same whatever the original question and NEVER refer to the actual subject of the petition.
      2) I believe the committee decides if there should be a debate on the issue once 100,000 signatures have been received.

  2. The Brexit campaign was a complete lie, and people did not have a clue what they were voting for, surly it make sense now that people have more idea about it there should be a vote.

  3. but, James, the lie continues to be trotted out. There is something behind the scenes making the government drive headlong for the cliff, no amount of petitioning, let alone facts, seems to make any difference.

  4. It is totally unfair that the PM can have 3 votes on her failed deal with the EU but the General Public have only been allowed 1 skewed referendum.

  5. To leave the EU will be the most disastrous decision in recent political history. Cameron should never have tossed this decision to the general public who listened to lies. He overestimated the wherewithal of people who did not understand the importance of our membership of this vital union.

  6. Revoke article 80. We need to stay in European Union. Peace for 70 years. Would it have happened without the Treaty of Rome?

    Walter and Anna-Grethe Hawes

  7. We need to stay in Europe. We should not spoil the future peace and prosperity of our children and grandchildren. To leave would spell disaster. We are European.
    Judith Warley

  8. I have always been against the Brexit, this was something thought up by hard line conservators who thought the could hood wink the people by having a leave vote on the backs of immigration. what are they frightened off. Just let the people have their say and revoke article 50, we do not need Brexit things were fine with Brexit, the amount of money the government has squandered on this deal is scandalous. This huge amount of money should have been spent on building homeless shelters, or given to the under developed health service

  9. I have always been against Brexit, at 80 I think I will survive what ever is thrown at us, for what ever life I have left but my children and thier children, why would we take such a gamble on something which is unprovable?

  10. The refendum was unfair and undemocratic !! Møre than 5 million expats were even nog given the chance to voice their opinion while they all hold British passports .

    • And over 1 million EU citizens living in the UK are consistently denied the opportunity to vote. Irish citizens, however do have the right. No representation is possible, although we all pay the same taxes, social security etc and actually claim half the benefits. Unfairness quadrupled!

  11. We were all deliberately misinformed by a number of prominent politicians before the referendum. Lies were expressed which mislead many. Now we all know the facts and the disaster leaving will cause, the people need to be given the choice again. The majority of young voters wished to stay. The country cannot stand alone in the modern world, and for the sake of our children Brexit must be cancelled for them and future generations.

  12. As I understand it there must be 60% in favour of a strike to have one, surely some thing which effects everyone should be treated the same. Would a majority of 10 carried the motion for a EU withdrawal ?

  13. Brexit is wrong but at least May’s present proposal should be passed as it is the possible resolution at the moment.

    • May’s deal doesn’t work for Northern Ireland, it effectively places a border in the Irish sea, separating Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Think about this, would you like the backstop to be at the borders of the county where you live and the prospect of you having to go through a customs check everytime you want to leave or re-enter? It’s no good the EU saying the backstop is a temporary solution – there is no solution, the backstop will be permanent!

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