Slowly but steadily, the British public is switching against Leave

As ever with opinion polls, it is best to look at the trend rather than one poll in isolation. Rather handily, the excellent @ElectionMapsUK has just produced an updated graph and it shows a slow but consistent trend, consistent with the earlier picture from other polls.

It is a trend away from Leave and towards Remain:

Election Maps UK graph of leave versus remain ratings

All the more reason to back the campaigns against Brexit.

3 responses to “Slowly but steadily, the British public is switching against Leave”

  1. Latest info i s that the countries riches man is upping sticks and going to Monaco. The Leavers worshipped him as an example of their cause. He is deserting the sinking ship to ensure he does not get poorer. As far as I am concerned Brexit has been all about how the leaver ‘elite’ can make more money out of the country

  2. Nigel

    You got it in one! Many of the high profile Leavers don’t give a damn for the general public and their very probable struggle to survive a no-deal Bexit. It’s the
    ‘I am all right Jack’ mentality of the EMG.

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