Conservative council leader leaves it oddly late to quit his party

Very odd timing for this news about the now former Conservative leader of East Devon Council, Ian Thomas:

The leader of East Devon District Council has quit the Conservative Party…

Cllr Thomas blamed the performance of the Party nationally for his departure and emphasised it had nothing to do with local issues.

He also added that if re-elected, he will sit as an Independent. [Devon Live]

What makes the timing so odd is that this has come after his nomination papers went in… with the Conservative Party name and logo.

Ian Thomas is therefore still appearing on ballot papers as the Conservative Party candidate.

4 responses to “Conservative council leader leaves it oddly late to quit his party”

  1. What happens with the ballot papers then? Surely he can’t have Conservative party on them any more, if he isn’t actually a Conservative candidate, but you can’t change your party once nomination papers have gone in can you? And what about the people who signed his papers believing that he was standing as a Conservative? Won’t they have to be given the opportunity to withdraw their support? Will be interested to see what happens with this.

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