Liberal Democrat artworkers needed

Reproduced with permission, a message from Candy Piercy on Facebook:

Lib Dem friends! Calling all artworkers. If you are an experienced leaflet writer, Sarah Yong and I need your help this week!

I am the Chair of the Campaign for Gender Balance and Sarah is Chair of the Racial Diversity Campaign.

We are working together with Daisy Cooper and Miranda Roberts getting ready for an imminent general election. We are supporting lots of brilliant women members, BAME members and potential candidates from other underrepresented groups in the current snap selections,

In order to do that they need great artwork and that is where you can help us! We need your artworking skills ASAP.

Please DM me with your contact details, if you would like to help make us a more diverse party. Please attach a PDF of a recent leaflet to show us your skills and we will put you in touch with our fantastic candidates right away.

This is an excellent idea; a really good, practical way to help improve the diversity of our Parliamentary candidates – and to help ensure the party ends up therefore really making the very best of the talents of its members. (Fun fact: taking action to improve the diversity of a party’s candidates raises the quality of its candidates overall.)

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  1. Great idea.! Spread the members art work talents across the party.Creating artwork to make focus leaflets more attractive Even do cartoons mimicking one of the articles in the leaflet to draw the readers attention.
    We need to be a party that attracts attention to grow in any way possible

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